What is an end-of-life-doula?

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When I mention the term end-of-life doula,
my favourite response is, “that’s a thing?”

Well, it is a “thing,” and there are a growing number of warm, caring doulas to help others through this difficult life transition.
Merilynne Rush, MSHP, RN, BSN, defines an end-of-life doula (EOLD) as "someone who provides non-medical, holistic support and comfort to the dying person and their family, which may include education and guidance, as well as emotional, spiritual, or practical care. EOLDs engage with clients from as early as initial diagnosis through after death care and bereavement. When caregivers are feeling overwhelmed, the doula helps them identify physical, emotional, spiritual, and practical needs and ways to meet them."
Talking about end-of-life care might not be easy for everyone, but perhaps having conversations and planning, just as you would any other life event, could simply help ease your mind.
In short, an end-of-life doula is a knowledgeable, experienced, temporary friend who provides compassion and isn't afraid to talk about the tough stuff. Let me support you and your partner, family, or friend through Mullein & Myrrh. With warmth, compassion, knowledge, patience, curiosity, and active listening, together we can create the environment and energy to hold this beautiful and difficult space together.